Participation in the Schleswig-Holstein´s Artists Guild´s 67th state show in the Ostholstein-Museum, Eutin.
Closing date is 16th May 2021.
ISBN-Number of the catalogue is 978-3-930563-80-7.
For further information please see the web site of the museum.



Exhibition “Panaptikon” by Wolf Eismann in KBH Marne, Marne, Germany with the sculptress Ursula Dietze.
The opening is on Sunday 13th June2021. The exhibition runs until 7th August 2021.



Group exhibition “Augenstimmen 2020” by Bettina Winker in Galerie 11, Itzehoe, Germany


Group exhibition “Selfie” in Wenzel-Hablik-Museum, Itzehoe, Germany


Group exhibition “Ausklang 2018” in Galerie 11, Itzehoe, Germany

Participation in the finalists exhibition of the 10th Meldorfer Culturpreis in Dithmarscher Landesmuseum, Meldorf, Germany

Solo exhibition “Ease & Easel” by Annegret Winkler in Galerie 11, Itzehoe, Germany

Participation in the digital exhibition for being shortlisted for the JOPP 2018 Art Prize, London, GB


Group exhibition “Druck” in Wenzel-Hablik-Museum in Itzehoe, Germany

Group exhibition at the Artists Guild in Kiel, Germany


Solo exhibition in Beerenberg-Gossler-Haus in Hamburg, Germany by Regina Dannenfeldt

Group exhibition at the Artists Guild in Kiel, Germany


Solo exhibition at Galerie Sarafand by Angelika Dubber, Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany

Group exhibition “Affordable Art & Design” at Papenhuder57 Galerie by Penny Monogiou, Hamburg, Germany

Solo exhibition by Montse Fontclara atPapenhuder57 Galerie Hamburg, Germany


Group exhibition “Innenansichten” by Walter Knolle in Kunstscheune, Radbruch, nr. Lüneburg, Germany


Group exhibition “Soddom & Gomorrah” Galerie Walter Khatchi, Hamburg, Germany


Group exhibition “Die zarte Versuchung” with Andreas Pfad at Studio Kino, Hamburg, Germany

1988 – 1992

Participation in the annual exhibitions at HAW, Hamburg, Germany